About this Site

About this site, Leisure Freak, Retire Early and Often Through Frugal Living. The Short description:

It is a site dedicated to those who are truly passionate about reaching financial independence and early retirement. Not just the traditional definition of retirement, but a new passion-driven retirement.

My Story and Reason for Creating the Leisure Freak Site

I retired at the age of 51 after dedicating 31 years to a career in the Telephone industry. I retired as a Lead Engineer. Since then I have successfully enjoyed pursuing other opportunities. New opportunities that I have had a long interest in. That is what I describe as a “retire early and often” freedom lifestyle.

I know of many people who have worked many years in their careers. They have either qualified for a pension or have saved a considerable amount of money for their retirement. But they are still uncertain how or if they can retire. I have explained to many people how I retired young. How I achieved the financial freedom I now have.

That is the reason I started this website. To explain details of my journey and offer some insights. Insights to what should be considered, investigated, and verified before retiring early.

Leisure Freak Website Goals

My goal is to place on one site all the issues that should be considered before deciding to retire early. I will share details based on my own early retirement and discoveries. There was a lot of information that I researched. Either in speaking with current retirees who retired early or from other sites found on the web.

I will give what I believe to be the best tools and reference websites. The sites I will give are recommended not because they may be an “affiliated site”. But are sites I truly have used and believe beneficial to someone looking to retire early and often.

I believe there is significant value to providing details about real-life early retirement experiences.  Experiences won through financial independence and how frugal living can get us there.

Official or Industry Retirement Sources

I do believe there is value in the retirement information that comes out of the financial industry, the company someone works for, special interest think-tanks, or even the government. However I think people need to keep an open mind. There is a lot of early retirement naysayers within official channels where a negative retirement opinion is presented. We should consider whether the source of that negative retirement information has any bias in that negative position. My goal is to present the positive regarding early retirement.

Leisure Freak Tommy

You may notice that I only mention my first name ‘Tommy’ within these site pages and blog posts. I assure you I am a real person who retired early. But I do want to continue pursuing opportunities that I have an interest in. I might even retire a few more times. I can’t have someone in a company’s Human Resource department, a hiring manager, or a recruiter do a web search of my name and come to this site. A site where I am delighting in the “retire early and often passion-driven lifestyle”. So I will go by the name Leisure Freak Tommy.

There is a large amount of early retirement and financial independence web sites out there. Many do have valuable information. I believe that my niche in this subject is somewhat different and I hope it reaches an under-served audience.

I hope this explains the purpose and goals about this site, Leisure Freak – Retire Early and Often through Frugal Living. A Passion Driven Lifestyle.


Leisure Freak Tommy


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