Leisure Freak Philosophy

The Leisure Freak philosophy is a different way to look at early retirement or retirement in general. Primarily by including  “retire early and often as a freedom lifestyle concept.  Where pursuing anything of interest and fulfillment on your terms in retirement is still retirement.

It is a challenge to the conventional definition of retirement where you work 30 to 40 years and then retire. Never to again engage in productive or paid work. It is the absence of needing to work that defines retirement. The Leisure Freak philosophy asks the question. Why is the American Career-Driven mindset where there is a start and then it just ends the only acceptable path?

The Leisure Freak Philosophy offers a more reasonable path

A Passion-Driven mindset where you are still considered retired if you want to pursue productive and paid work that you can be passionate about. You are free to do what you want to do and if you love what you do, why stop.

If and when you decide your desire, interest, or passion has changed and you hear that little voice in your ear saying that it is time, you retire again.

Early Retirement isn’t a destination, it is just another part of life’s journey. It is an adventure.

Origin of LEISURE

Middle English leiser, from Anglo-French leisir, from leisir to be permitted, from Latin licēre First Known Use: 14th century

I think it is fair to say that most people could equate retirement to leisure and equate leisure to a freedom lifestyle. By retiring you will have the freedom to pursue what makes you happy. Or if using the above definition of Leisure, by retiring you will be permitted to pursue what makes you happy. It has nothing to do with what you are retiring from. It is all about what you are retiring to.

If you totally enjoy your job and where you are doing it then that is fantastic and stay until you do hear the little voice in your ear telling you it’s time.

Most of the world defines Retirement as the point where a person stops employment completely. A person may also semi-retire by reducing work hours.

The Leisure Freak philosophy rejects that as the only truth

We CAN integrate work with leisure if you pursue meaningful and rewarding opportunities that bring happiness. When you are doing what you feel you are called to do, what you have a high interest in, that which you may see as a learning opportunity, then it doesn’t feel like some dreaded soul sucking labor.

The added bonus is it will promote brain stimulation, keep you active, engaged, and socially connected. As long as what you do feels this way, you would never consider withdrawing to a cliché retirement. And who can complain about making money while you are doing it. This is the early retirement concept or model I call the “retire early and often” freedom lifestyle.

Leisure should be the center of our lives, not relegated to spare moments. Once you have the funds secured for your retirement, make the leap. Know when enough is enough and make your move.

Nothing in the Leisure Freak philosophy says you must search for new opportunities, but if you do have a dream about a new career or business venture, do not allow others to define your making that move as a retirement failure. It is your definition of retirement that matters.

What about the “Freak” in Leisure Freak?

Freak, a person who is obsessed with something specified. In this case obsessed with Leisure of which I am referring to retirement and a new way of thinking about what that is, casting off outmoded and restricted definitions of retirement.

I celebrate my Leisure Freakiness, seeing things outside of the box and looking beyond the norms that are pushed on us.
I hope that this explains The Leisure Freak philosophy. Don’t wait to live a life of happiness.

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