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Aside from the obvious ads in the right column, bottom, and  occasional banner, some of the Pages and Posts on this website/blog may contain links to Leisure Freak Affiliate Sites.

Advertising Disclosure:

I have begun to add some affiliate site links and ads to the Leisure Freak, Retire Early and Often website. I will only have affiliate relationships for products or services I can truly recommend. Some will be services and products I use and others are those that in my research are products or services I will use when the need comes. Leisure Freak affiliates are for products and services that I can believe in.

Leisure Freak may be compensated in exchange for your clicking on links posted on this website or from featured placement of certain sponsored products and services.

Note: Your use of affiliate links will not affect the price you pay for products or services.

See more on the Disclaimer page.

Affiliate Sites I recommend on Leisure Freak within page content that may have an affiliate text link.

bluehost unlimited web hosting

Simply the easiest and super economical choice for your web site and/or blog. Believe me, I had no experience creating a web site but having bluehost as my host and their compatibility with WordPress made it one of the easiest ways to get a web site up and functional in a single sitting. By clicking the bluehost link or ad in the sidebar and signing up for bluehost hosting I will receive a small commission that helps support the cost of LeisureFreak.com. Using Link or Ad comes at no additional cost to you and with all available bluehost discounts.

Life Extension vitamins and supplements

I have been a customer of Life Extension for many years and use their products daily. You get discounts and specials while buying the very best. Not only are they quality products but they also put out the latest information about health in their magazines and email newsletters so you can educate yourself and stay healthy. Here’s to staying healthy and enjoying our retirement. Post!

eHealth (Health Insurance).

This is a great site that allows you to shop health insurance and compare plans, coverage, and rates.

This site requires no personal information to get your quotes and makes it easy to shop, compare, and save when making this all important decision. You will only be asked about your zip code, county, and when you want to begin your coverage. There are a couple of questions on who you want to insure under the plan like gender, birth date, tobacco use, and whether anyone is a college student.


We have used this site for a couple of years to print money saving coupons for grocery and household items. Easy to use allowing you to select only the coupons you want to print.


I have used the Snag-a-Job search engines to look for Early Retirement Opportunities and it is very easy to navigate and get the targeted results I was looking for. Having my specific job alerts set to email me new postings has saved me time. There are many job search engines on the web but Snag-a-Job is one I recommend to use and create your free account on.

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