Holiday Season: Time To Think About Home Security

The fast approaching holiday season means many wonderful things, celebration, good food, and most importantly time with loved ones. However, this oncoming season for many people often means time spent away from home, visiting family or vacationing. Especially for retirees who are able to be away for extended lengths of time. While this is wonderful, this also means our homes are left vulnerable to theft and damage. Don’t let burglary ruin your holiday season, prepare yourself and your home now by thinking about your home security.

Know the home burglary facts –

Break-ins can happen year round but we should be especially careful around the holiday season. Many of us go out of town and leave clear signs we are away this time of year. Many break-ins happen because of things like piling up newspapers or lights not going on or off.

Even for those of us who stay close to home during the holidays there is still burglary risk. Most of us will be away from our homes for what can be many hours doing everything wonderfully holiday related. Of course burglars know this so it’s crucial to know the facts so that you can prepare for the worst-case scenarios.

Be proactive to reduce burglary risks –

We can do simple things like set up automatic light timers, trim our landscaping for unobstructed views from the street or neighbors, properly install deadbolt locks, and when away overnight setting vacation holds on our mail and newspaper deliveries.

When expecting deliveries from Amazon or other online retailers we should be careful to be home or have a neighbor remove packages quickly. Not only are those porch sitting packages a huge attractant to thieves for the items themselves, it’s also a clear sign to burglars that we aren’t home.

We can also move our valuables out of our master bedrooms where thieves go first and put them in a floor bolted safe. At least move valuables to a less likely place in our homes hoping that their need to be in and out quickly means they don’t find them.

Time To Think About Home Security


But will it be enough?

These things may give thieves pause in targeting our home or cause them enough time delay to at least lessen the loss from theft. However, that may not be enough as there is no guarantee it will work. For some of us, having additional home security should be considered. Not only to reduce any loss from theft but to provide additional peace of mind. There are a lot of home security system providers out there to choose from with varying levels of price, options, and service.

Know your home security needs –

Many people want a home security system that is pretty hands-free. If this is true for you then look for a system that is based around home automation. A good system should be easy to install, easy to use, and easy to understand.

It should cover:

  • Intrusion – Broken windows, doors, glass, etc.
  • Environmental – Fire, flood, etc.
  • Surveillance – Cameras
  • Life safety – Life alert and panic buttons

All of these should be covered to be a well-rounded home security system. If you need help identifying your needs or want more information this resource can be very helpful.

Know what to look for in a home security provider –

When it comes to protecting our homes we want transparency and clarity. When dealing with a service provider make sure to watch for things like transparent pricing and good customer support. Aside from the system itself, that should be another top priority in choosing the right home security provider for you. Since you will be trusting this system and these providers with the safety of your home and your family, they should check every box on your wish list.

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Season: Time To Think About Home Security

  1. Good reminder Tommy. Just using common sense and preventative measures can be a good deterrent in itself: lock your car, close and lock your windows, dont leave valuables tools etc outside. Remember to secure your outside shed also. Many people store expensive items like power tools, generators etc and they can be an easier target than your house.

    1. Thanks for the Arrgo. You are absolutely right. I live in such a low crime rate town that we all can get complacent about simple acts to prevent loss from theft. Most of the reported crime articles usually indicate unlocked cars or open garage doors. I have been noticing a lot of delivered packages, some multiple large boxes sitting on porches for hours. I keep thinking the online shopping trend appears to be posting big signs on many homes of “Nobody Home”.

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