Leisure Freak’s Three Year Anniversary

This month marks Leisure Freak’s Three Year Anniversary. It has been a wonderful ride, full of fun and discovery. I look back and have to laugh at how naive I was about creating and running an Early Retirement website/blog. I didn’t even know what blogs were when I started. Today Leisure Freak has 89 static pages and 161 posts (counting this one). Not bad for a leisure freak who set out to learn about how all of this interweb stuff works through doing it

Leisure Freak Goals-

Primarily I want to help others in their financial independence early retirement journey be successful. There are some real mind-effs that come with retirement and I try to cover them on Leisure Freak. From retirement fear and making the work to retirement transition. To looking beyond finances when it comes to paying yourself first and retiring well. I think that if anything else that is where this website shines.

Leisure Freak isn’t just information based on financial theory or long-held traditional retirement beliefs. It has basis in real life early retirement experiences.

My goal is to continue along those lines by including the often missed non-financial aspects of retirement.

Leisure Freak’s Three Year Anniversary Marks Some Recognition & Mentions

I have been honored lately with a couple of recognitions and noteworthy mentions. I don’t go out to promote my Leisure Freak Tommy persona or the Leisure Freak site because I am just too busy in my early retirement for that. I’m sure if I did, LeisureFreak.com would have a larger following. But this was never meant to be an all-encompassing endeavor. It is something I started so I could learn from it and have some fun at the same time. This year (2017) has brought the following:

Leisure Freak’s Three Year AnniversaryFeedspot selected/awarded Leisure Freak to be in their top 20 early retirement blogs.

Self Directed Retirement Plans – I was invited to answer some retirement based financial questions and be part of their 78 Retirement and Financial Planning Tips from 26 Financial Experts.

Rockstar Finance- Leisure Freak is part of their “Best Blogs” list. Rockstar blog directory: Category- Early Retirement

Freedom is Groovy, Make Wealth Not Debt- I was included in their Early Retirement Highs and Lows: Eight Top Bloggers Weigh In post. It was an interesting reflection and I enjoyed sending in my thoughts.

Thank you all. I appreciate it.

Plans for Leisure Freak’s 4th Year

My plans for this next year are fairly simple and more of a continuation of what I have been doing:

  • Try to at least write a couple of new posts each month.
  • Grow my followers.
  • Expand the Leisure Freak brand within the limits of my interests and fun equation.  

For me personally,

I WILL stay curious and continue researching everything finance so I can share anything new with my readers.

I WILL also continue visiting my favorite financial independence and early retirement (FIRE) sites/blogs. There is so much to learn and things are always changing.

Most importantly I WILL stay true to what I value most.
  • Financial Independence and freedom to live life on my terms.
  • Living a Passion-Drive Life. Always being open to paid opportunities of interests and passions.
  • Simple Living / Frugal Living by valuing what is truly important in life. I assure you it isn’t about stuff.

I guess that just about does it.

Thank You

Thanks to all of Leisure Freak’s readers and followers. I appreciate all of your page views and comments.

My early retirement and the Leisure Freak site has been an awesome adventure. I am happily looking forward to see what year 4 brings.

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6 thoughts on “Leisure Freak’s Three Year Anniversary

    1. Thanks for the comment Ralph. Yes indeed, long winter commutes did and always will sap the life out of us. It’s really nice to be done with long work commutes whether long in time or distance to an unrewarding labor no matter what the season.

  1. I really enjoy your site as well as your thoughts on the non-financial aspects of retirement. You have great insights and its really helped me to have the right perspective on things. I also like how you are open to the right paid opportunities along with the retire early and often mindset. Making a little money on occasion can’t hurt. I always look forward to your posts.

    1. Hey Arrgo, thanks for the great comment. I found out with all of my financial planning for retirement there was so much more to understand. I am glad to hear that sharing my early retirement experiences and thoughts have been of help. This retirement life when done on our own terms is really an adventure when we are open to it. Always something more to learn and experience.
      Thanks again for your comment.

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