Early Retiree Job Interview Checklist

I thought I might add an Early Retiree Job Interview Checklist to go along with my Early Retiree Interviewing Tips page. Most of this is common sense. But there may be something here that people may not think of. Especially when in the excitement of getting an interview to do something they are truly passionate about doing or interested in doing for their encore career. Interviewing is a necessary step in living a retire early and often lifestyle.

My Early Retiree Job Interview Checklist

Research the company.

Before you make plans to go in for your interview research the company and the position you are interviewing for. If you applied for this position you should have already done this. But if this interview request was the result of your Résumé being posted on a job site or by way of a recruiter call, then make sure you really want this position. You retired and can be picky now.

Bring Necessary Paperwork and Documentation.

Collect and bring any and all requested paperwork with you to the interview. Bring extra printed copies of your Résumé, any application or job description documents, references, your identification, and relevant and applicable examples of your work. Examples like requirements, SQL Queries, Code examples, formal training documentation, portfolio, etc. that you have done.

Dress Appropriately.

Decide what you should wear and dress appropriately for the job you want. It is best to dress conservatively. Load some breath mints in advance into your selected attire’s pocket so you won’t forget.

Directions and Contact Details.

Know where you are going for the interview. Write down the address and any contact telephone numbers along with the names of those you are to meet with. Then map out how to get to the location before the interview using Mapquest.com or preset your GPS device. Study the directions. Always plan to get there at least 10 minutes early. If something causes you to be late. Then phone the office as soon as you realize that you will be arriving late.

Prepare Good Questions

Prepare a few intelligent and educated questions about the job, company, or industry before the interview. The questions should be based on the research you did. Ask them early in the interview . This is as much about you vetting them as it is them checking you out.

Be Prepared for Their Questions

Do some research and think about common interview questions associated to the position that you may be asked. Take time to practice your answers.

Review your Résumé

Look over your Résumé so you can emphasize your achievements, skills, and talents during the interview. You want to be able to easily and smoothly answer any questions they have about what is on your Résumé.

Know your Employment Gap Answer

Prepare your answer to questions about your Career-Sabbatical (retirement). Or as they may see it on your Résumé as an employment gap. If you chose to just use the word Sabbatical then be ready to answer any questions why you didn’t return to your previous position. Some will see Sabbatical as inferring that was an option. If you have taken time off since you retired, have your positive accomplishments in mind. Practice saying them so that you won’t come across as nervous about the subject. Remember to keep it a positive thing.

Prepare for off beat Questions

Unfortunately you need to be prepared for the possibility about having to answer unexpected questions. Questions like, what is your biggest flaw? Think about and answer intelligently and honestly.

Handle Salary Questions

Be prepared to answer questions about your salary requirements if asked (don’t bring this up yourself). In your research you should have already gained an idea of the position’s salary range and have decided what you are willing to accept.

Additional Early Retiree Job Interview Checklist Tips

Be decisive and have an opinion when asked. Give detailed answers to questions and if you can, do provide examples of how you would go about completing assignments and overcoming any challenges of the position.

  • Be polite. Once you get to the interview location be polite to everyone you meet as they may be someone whose opinion of you will count in the hiring decision.
  • Be enthusiastic. Go into the interview with enthusiasm about the opportunity and the company.
  • Offer a firm handshake. Make eye contact when meeting someone. Maintain good eye contact during the entire interview.
  • Remember your interviewer’s names. Here is a trick I do. I repeat people’s names so I can remember them.
  • Let them Know you want the job. At the end of the interview close making sure that they know you want the job. Ask about next steps.
  • Get Interviewer’s business card. I seem to forget to do this but if you can try to get business cards from your interviewers. If not make a note of the spelling of the interviewer’s names.
  • Make recap notes. Afterwards write down some notes about how you felt it went and of the discussion. That way you can remember later the details of what was discussed.
  • Thank You Note. Write and send a thank you note within 24 hours of your interview.
  • Do they and the position pass YOUR test. Once you get home think about the interview. Evaluate the position, company and interviewer and be sure it’s the perfect opportunity for you. One to give all of your passion and enthusiasm to.
In Closing

I hope you found something here in the Early Retiree Job Interview Checklist that you may not have thought of doing. May it help you land your opportunity of passion and interest to kick-start your encore career.

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