Warren Buffett Never Retire Attitude

I praise the Warren Buffett Never Retire Attitude because it is exactly what I preach about work and retirement. I describe my lifestyle differently in that I call it a “retire early and often” lifestyle or mindset. But then I am not a multi-millionaire or as in this case a billionaire like Warren Buffet. However we are talking about the same thing whether Warren or other wealthy Never Retire prophets sees it or not.

I am writing this article as a motivational static page instead of a blog post. That’s because I have already blogged a little number called Robert Redford is Right about Retirement”. Both Warren Buffett and Robert Redford are very successful and actively working “older” guys. They both have the same Never Retire attitude. I want to be sure that LeisureFreak.com readers can easily find one or the other article if they are interested in reading about how rich folks who have done their dream job most of their lives look at retirement. It re-enforces the importance of picking the right work to pursue in our retirement based on our interests and passions.

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is Berkshire Hathaway’s chief executive and at the age of 85 he isn’t planning on ever retiring. The Warren Buffett Never Retire Attitude perked-up in a recent interview by Carol Loomis who authored the book Tap Dancing To Work. She interviewed Warren Buffet at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit on October 13, 2015 where he said he would be crazy to retire and leave his job.

“If I quit today—I see these people. They spend a whole week planning their haircut. That is not my idea of living,”

I don’t know the retirees that Warren sees but they certainly didn’t retire to something if all they have is looking forward to something like a haircut. Warren Buffett doesn’t have to mock retirement like this to make his Never Retire point. He does come through with some great points in support of his position as he continues with the interview.

Warren Buffett Never Retire Attitude- Create a life you never have to retire from

Warren Buffet has a net worth of more than $62 billion and certainly doesn’t have to work but he admits that he loves investing. He goes on to say that it doesn’t matter if his muscles deteriorate and his stamina goes because none of those things impact his ability to buy companies and pick stocks.

“I would rather do this than anything in the world. My Social Security check is coming every day. I don’t need this.”

I have news for Warren Buffett.

He has been retired for a long time. Retired as far as he has created a life he doesn’t need to retire from. He is doing what he wants to do and I am sure he will do it for as long as he still enjoys it and has passion for it. This is the same as myself and those like me living a retire early and often lifestyle. Being free to live life loving what we do including paid work and still be considered retired because we have retired from meaningless work through the power of our own level of financial independence.

“I’m tap dancing to work every day. There’s nothing more exciting than to get there. It doesn’t get better than that.” 

Warren is clearly paying respect to his interviewer Carol Loomis using the title of her book in this quote but it is exactly what we all should strive for if we decide to take on paid work. Keep retiring early and often until we get it right. The only difference between us and Warren is we normal-folk usually have to work many years doing what we do/did for the money until we reach a level of financial independence where we can retire from that career mindset. Spending time in a long career at something that wasn’t of love and passion for us before we can land one that is and then take on a Warren Buffett Never Retire Attitude for ourselves.

Work Doing Something You Want to do

“I tell the students when they come to see me….Take the job you would take if you didn’t need a job…You want to be doing something you would do if you didn’t need the money.” Warren Buffett

Finer and wiser words have never been spoken and it is exactly aligned with what this site is all about for the non-billionaires who can retire early and often, being picky about our next act, tap dancing to work everyday, and having our own Warren Buffett Never Retire Attitude.

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