How To Find Your Early Retirement Job

This page is about How To Find Your Early Retirement Job. You have retired early and know the opportunities you want to pursue. Opportunities that are aligned with your interests and passions. Retiring Early and Often means you have to start taking the next step which is finding those opportunities.

There are many Job Search Engines available online.

  • Some charge and others are free to search and post your resume online.
  • Some are basic. Only offering little in advanced filters while others are robust. Such as allowing you to filter down to only opportunities within a few miles of your desired location. Or as far as 100 miles away.

How To Find Your Early Retirement JobI have used five of the top Job Search Engines and uploaded my resume with all providing some level of success getting email replies, phone calls and interviews.

A job search site that I recommend for any retiree wanting to find that dream retirement job is Snag-a-Job (*affiliate). It is FREE to anyone looking for that perfect retirement gig and posting your resume online. What sets them apart is they have job listings for jobs from professional level opportunities to short-term temp jobs. Retirees should find exactly what they are looking for.

See and try the Retirement Dream Job (Snag-A-Job) search ad in the right side column of of this page to see just how easy it is to use.

* Snag-A-Job is a LeisureFreak site affiliate that may pay a referral fee if you sign up and create a targeted job search profile. If you do use any of my affiliate links or a Snag-A-Job site ad then a great big thanks to you from Leisure Freak Tommy.

How To Find Your Early Retirement Job – Search using ‘Snag-a-Job’

Click on the link below that closely matches your dream retirement job target. Begin your early retirement job search now. You can see thousands of available opportunities throughout the U.S.

By creating your user account with Snagajob you can receive your personalized job ads sent to your email inbox. If you upload your resume to Snagajob you will have the ability to easily apply immediately to any opportunity using your Snagajob on-file profile.

Click here, To Find All Jobs   

Or limit your opportunity search to any of the following Job Categories:

            Temporary Jobs
            Part-time Jobs
            Seasonal Jobs
            Project Based Jobs
            Full-time Jobs 

Snagajob Dream Retirement Job Search Features

#1- To search for jobs near you, enter your geographic area or Zip Code in the search bar at top of page.

#2- Then if you know the job title or key word for your retirement dream job then enter that in the ‘What Job Are You Looking For’ box.

#3- On the search results page, you can further refine your job search by limiting the distance from your Zip Code that you want included in your results, by company, category, industry, or job title using the filters in the column to the left of the results.

#4- One of the neat features that makes searching for your early retirement opportunity of interest and passion easier is setting up your personal and specific job alerting. All it takes is registering by quickly filling out your profile. Best of all this is all free to use.

#5- You can easily set this up as part of a job search. Run any job search of your interest and then click the “Save Search” button at the top of the search results. This will produce a pop up box display. It lets you to name your saved search (such as, “Analyst jobs in Denver”).

Or simply hit the employee “sign in” button on the top right and create your profile.  

#6- You then can set the frequency you would like to receive email alerts for any jobs that match your criteria. You have choices about how often you want the alerts emailed to you. Either daily or weekly basis. You do not have to set up emailed alerts if you prefer to just log back into your Snag-A-Job account to check on the results by instead selecting ‘never’ from the alert frequency drop down menu.

Try it out, click here


How To Find Your Early Retirement Job When Seeking Exciting Seasonal Opportunities

As mentioned above you can search for Seasonal opportunities using Snag-A-Job. But perhaps your idea of Seasonal Work leans towards the adventurous side of life.

If you are interested in seasonal work at a ski resort, ranches, tour boats, lodges and all kinds of resorts working as guides, cooks, reception, maintenance, retail, etc. then you should check out the site

From National Parks to Alaskan fishing and hunting lodges. If your passions and interest are about spending some interesting early retirement time in the outdoors and/or active localities, then give this site a lot of your attention.

In Closing

Using Snag-A-Job to search for and apply for jobs that meet your early retiree goals is easy and straight forward. Hopefully this page answers the question, How To Find Your Early Retirement Job.


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