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I find it funny that I can qualify for many Boomer and Senior Discounts now. Many places start to offer discounts for those who reach the ripe young age of 50. Qualifying beginning ages for discounts range from 50 to 62.

I just don’t consider myself a senior and being in the tale-end of the boomer generation I am somewhat amused when I am able to get a senior discount. For anyone who retires early or just retires at all it is important to keep costs down when possible. The savings can be substantial especially for travel related costs.

Usually all that is needed to receive a discount is your driver’s license or other ID that displays your birthday to prove age. Some places may require signing up for their senior discount card.

There are many discounts by category that can be found

Restaurant Discounts

Retail Discounts

Travel Discounts

Entertainment and Activity Discounts

Other discounts are found through joining the AARP at age 50 or older and having to show your AARP card. Many discounts can also be had through your Costco, AAA, or other paid membership.

How to get Boomer and Senior Discounts – YOU HAVE TO ASK.

Asking is the number one secret to getting Boomer and Senior Discounts.

Businesses offering the discounts do not normally advertise them. Be aware that some of these businesses will offer different discounts depending on the State you are in or the time of year.

Also be aware that some franchise locations will offer different discounts than their company stores.

JUST ASK, does your store, restaurant or company offer a senior discount?

Be sure to also check out the Coupon and Promotion Code web sites page where you may find extra savings for everyday purchases.

The lists of discounts provided may change over time. As I will try to keep the list updated please be aware that your best route to savings is by just asking for discounts.

Not age 50 yet? It never hurts to ask if there are any discounts offered. You never know if there is a little known promotion or campaign is in effect.

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