Restaurant Discounts for Kids

Whether you are parents trying to live a smart frugal balanced life to reach financial independence, you are retired, or are near retired grandparents who have the grand-kids and paying the tab for a family outing at a restaurant, you need to read this article. Because here is how you can save some money by taking the time to see if there is somewhere that offers Restaurant Discounts for Kids.

Even though I am only age 56 as I am writing this I have 5 grand-kids now under the age of 12. A family outing and celebration on my dime will be pretty expensive. We do limit these kinds of celebrations in keeping within our early retirement budget but there are times when we may do this.  Being able to find a place that offers these Restaurant Discounts for Kids is a must.

I know when we were on our early retirement quest and saving as much as we could we would find ourselves wanting to go out and receiving any kind of discount meant a lot. A little planning ahead isn’t limited to the occasional outing around home. It is especially important if you are traveling with kids on a vacation.

Some pre-planning may just shave a big part of your vacation meal cost. For us travel or vacation meal discounts always starts with selecting a Hotel that offers a breakfast but we go knowing we are on our own for meals for the rest of the time.

Below is a list (with links to their sites) of some national restaurants that offer discounts for kids. As always be sure to go online, call ahead and/or ask before ordering as there may be differences in the discounts between regions, day of the week, specific locations of the country or between company-owned or franchise-owned restaurants.

Be aware that there are many independent restaurants that may offer restaurant discounts for kids so don’t be afraid to ask them. I have also added a couple of Restaurant Discounts for Kids search links by location that I like at the end of this post.

Restaurant Discounts for Kids List

Here is a list of Restaurants that have discounts for kids to give you an idea of places you could check into. You should expect discounts to have day of week, time of day, age and menu limitations.


Black-eyed Pea

Buffalo Wild Wings


Chevy’s Fresh Mex


Cici’s Pizza

Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit


Firehouse Subs


Golden Corral

Godfather’s Pizza



Jason’s Deli

Marie Callender’s

Norms Restaurants

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery

Pizza Hut

Ponderosa Steakhouse

Rainforest Cafe

Shari’s Restaurant


This list is just an example. For a full list including some day of week, age limitations and deal details check out, FrugalLivingTv’s list of 50 restaurants where kids eat free or cheap.

Better yet look for deals near you by location. Two sites that I like are Kids Eat 4 Free  and Kids Meal deals  where you can search for participating Restaurant Discounts for Kids by your address/zip code or your vacation travel location address/zip code (none of these sites are affiliate sites).

Big savings await those who take the time to do a little research and ask about Restaurant Discounts for Kids.

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