The Golden Rules of Borrowing Money

Who wouldn’t want a little injection of cash? Whether it’s to pay for a much-needed renovation or to repair your car so you can get to work, there are probably many things in your life that you would be willing to take a loan out for. However, it can be a slippery slope and it will be hard to climb back up once you fall. Before you know it, you’re going to be struggling to pay off your debts and it could cause some serious psychological impact. If you’re still thinking about taking out a loan or borrowing money for something, then here are some golden rules of borrowing money that you need to follow before you make a decision.

The Golden Rules of Borrowing Money


Rules of Borrowing Money

Have a purpose for your money


Before you do anything, ask yourself why you really need that money. Are you just going to splurge on something and live a life you can’t afford? In that case, stop immediately and understand that you should never live a lavish lifestyle if you’re forced to take out a loan in order to keep your appearances up. A loan should usually be used for emergency situations. For instance, if your work computer broke and you need a replacement instantly, then take a look at a comparison website such as and find a deal that suits you. Another good situation to take out a loan is if you need an advance on your wages or income.


It’s not your money, so make sure you can pay it back


Never ever think that loans are your money. A loan is not your money, it’s the lender’s and they are going to want it back. If you’re using a loan for recreational purposes such as buying a new computer to play games on or funding a vacation, then make sure you can actually pay it back. It’s absolutely fine to use a loan as an advance on your income at some point, but do it too often and you’ll forever be fighting to pay back loans. If you’re going to borrow money, make sure you understand the loan conditions and interest rate, whether you can afford it, and pay it back as soon as possible. Use a calculator and work out the interest rates and what the loan is really costing you so you can better prepare yourself mentally and financially.


Timely repayments make a huge difference


Taking out a loan is going to impact your credit score, so make sure you pay it back in a timely manner and even consider larger repayments to avoid extra interest. Paying back a loan early can also help with your credit rating—that’s always a bonus. Make sure you set payment alerts on your calendar, phone or even your computer so that you automatically get reminders for when you need to pay. Don’t neglect the importance of making timely repayments!


Taking out a loan can be a huge stain on your financial record if you don’t manage it correctly. Make sure you never underestimate the effects of borrowing money and make sure you follow these golden rules to ensure you never drop into a debt that you can’t climb out of.

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