Working In Retirement – Is It Worth It?


Once we retire, that’s it, right? You are finally able to give up your job and can leisurely sit back and relax. Or is it that simple?

Not all retirees want to give up their job once they hit retirement age. In fact, some even take up another job once they have retired from their regular one. Wondering why that is? Well, there are various reasons. For some folks retirement is the perfect time to pursue new opportunities of passion and interest. But the main reasons many retirees return to a paying job is they need the money or they just get bored with all the free time that retirement brings.

Thinking of calling it quits on your retirement and finding another job? Here are some reasons why it might be worth it.

Working In Retirement

The Benefits of Working In Retirement

Can Keep It Flexible

Lots of retirees enjoy the new lease of flexibility that it brings. They are no longer trapped by their nine-to-five. And it’s now possible to find a flexible job that they can do in their spare time. This is why there are a lot of retirees who are now becoming entrepreneurs and freelancers – the flexible way of working fits into their new lifestyle. You just need to remember to stay highly organized with your working schedule, paystub generator for your payroll, and filing your taxes. Being highly organized and having plenty of free time – they are the best things for helping your new flexible career become a success!

Provides You With A Regular Income

When some people hit retirement age, they are surprised to find that they haven’t saved up enough for their post-work life, despite all of their best efforts. If you find that you are in this situation, then you might be forced to go back to work. Don’t worry, though, even if your pension pot isn’t as big as you were expecting, it should make it possible to only go back to part-time work rather than a full-time job. Even taking on a full-time opportunity in retirement can be enjoyable. Especially if it’s aligned with what you are interested in doing or passionate about. Who knows, it could be the start of a rewarding encore career.

Working In Retirement has social benefits

Social and Personal Growth Benefits

Of course, it’s not just the monetary benefits that people get from going back to work. They also enjoy the social side of having a job as well! In fact, some retirees who feel quite lonely after leaving work choose to find a part-time job just so they have some regular contact with other folk. This is especially the case with retirees who live quite far away from their family.

Aside from this social benefit, working in retirement allows retirees the opportunity to learn new skills they have long admired. Personal growth is a rewarding self-investment that adds immense satisfaction.  

Delay Pension Withdrawals

If you do go back to work after retiring, you won’t have to begin your Government Pension (Social Security) or withdraw from your private pension (retirement accounts) as you will be living off your regular income. At the very least you will be able to withdraw far less. So, you will be leaving most of, if not all, of your pension for a later date, when you finally do retire for good. And, while your pension waits for you to fully begin withdrawing from it, it will be amassing more interest and will grow as a result. So, when you do decide to start making withdrawals, your pension pot will be larger than right at the start of your retirement!


Just because you are now at retirement age, it doesn’t mean that you absolutely have to retire. As you can see, there are a few different reasons why it might be worth returning to work!

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6 thoughts on “Working In Retirement – Is It Worth It?

  1. I worked a seasonal job at Costco. It was nice to have almost no responsibility beyond just doing what was asked of me. The people were great some I still visit with 3 years later. But … I would not have flexibility in the scheduling that would allow me to go to our summer vacation spot. Also All the standing and walking made my already bad knees hurt. But it was a very positive experience for me and would have returned the following Christmas if family concerns had come up.

    1. Thanks for the comment Ralph. The thing that I found out is that working in retirement was much better than the grind was before retiring. Maybe it’s knowing we chose to work in retirement and can quit whenever we want to, or being able to step back, as you mention- having a job with reduced responsibility that makes it financially, socially, and personally rewarding.

  2. I’ve got far more than I could ever spend. But I still work after retiring at 5 paid side gigs because they are entertaining and challenging and at 6 volunteer gigs because they change lives for the better. Retiring to nothing but leisure sounds kind of selfish to me, and unfulfilling.

    1. Thanks for the comment Steveark. The beauty of retirement is being able to live life on your terms. Sounds like you have created exactly that for yourself. I too have had volunteer, side hustles, and an encore career since my first early retirement. Retiring with a sense of purpose certainly has its rewards.

  3. It is not worth it to work in retirement cos your productivity is not that much and the employers would not like it. Yes, owning some side-business like a shop is always a good thing but you working on a job to make money for survival is one of the most horrible ideas at the last part of the age. Avoiding it is best possible with spending wisely and planning properly during the middle of career.

    1. Thanks for the comment Paul. I agree that working in retirement and only half-assing it would be horrible for all parties involved. Working in retirement is only worth it when you do it for the right reasons, not solely because of financial desperation.

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